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AllCare Internal Medicine -  - A Private Medical Practice

AllCare Internal Medicine

A Private Medical Practice located in Scottsdale, AZ

Sometimes you have symptoms that arise and you don’t have time to make an appointment. At AllCare Internal Medicine you are able to walk into the clinic with urgent needs that are not life-threatening to receive expert, compassionate care. Dr. Kathleen Gerace at AllCare Internal Medicine will be able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your medical problem with walk-ins at the office in Scottsdale, Arizona. To book an appointment, call the office, book online, or simply walk in.

Walk-Ins Q & A

What are walk-ins?

Walk-ins at Allcare Internal Medicine means that the team offers treatment for immediate concerns that cannot wait for a scheduled appointment.

What types of conditions can be treated at the walk-in clinic?

The walk-in clinic at AllCare Internal Medicine doesn’t act as an emergency room, so critical issues such as a heart attack or injuries following a serious car accident cannot be addressed. Please remember that if you have a life-threatening emergency, you should call 911 right away.

The walk-in clinic is available for medical issues that need medical care quickly and urgently, but are not life-threatening. 

Examples of concerns that may be treated when you come in as a walk-in patient include:

  • Sexually transmitted disease screenings
  • School physicals
  • Cuts, burns, and minor wound care
  • Back injuries
  • Joint sprains and strains
  • Dermatological procedures
  • Spinal manipulations

The office features on-site X-ray, EKG, and lab services so you can get all of your diagnostic needs taken care of in one stop. These services help expedite your diagnosis and care.

When should I visit a walk-in clinic for a chronic condition?

At Allcare Internal Medicine, the team offers chronic condition management. Even if you’re not a regular patient, there are times that chronic conditions require immediate attention, such as a concerning elevation in blood pressure for people with hypertension or high blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. 

If you’re having troublesome symptoms, don’t hesitate to walk in to the Allcare Internal Medicine office for quick attention. Immediate intervention can help you avoid even more concerning complications.

If you’re experiencing a minor emergency, acute symptoms, or a problem with a chronic condition, come to Allcare Internal Medicine. The office doesn’t require a prior appointment for you to be seen by qualified staff.