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New Patients

AllCare Internal Medicine is currently accepting new patients and accepts most insurance plans. Please review our policies below prior to inquiring about establishing care as a new patient.

Establishing Care

Establishing care at AllCare Internal Medicine is only considered after careful review of all past medical records, including diagnostic test reports, lab results, sub-specialist records, and any other pertinent health information. The New Patient Intake forms below must be completed in detail and signed, with your records being obtained prior to scheduling an initial consultation visit. We strongly suggest you contact your past doctor(s) and verbally request your old records to expedite our receipt of all requested documents.

Walk-in visits DO NOT constitute the establishment of care.

Certain patient cases will not be considered for establishment of care, as these conditions require a multidisciplinary setting for the most effective care: chronic pain, active or relapsing drug and alcohol abuse, and active or relapsing eating disorders. 

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Insurance Policy

We accept most insurance plans. We recommend calling your insurance before inquiring about establishing care as a new patient to confirm that Dr. Kathleen Gerace is in network with your insurance. For those patients without insurance coverage, AllCare offers a self pay discount. 

We do not accept Mercy Care or AHCCCS plans. Non-established patients with HMO insurance coverage must call their insurance carrier for appropriate referrals to urgent care facilities and specialists.

For questions regarding how our services are billed and your responsibility after insurance coverage, contact our office for an estimated cost of services or read this document on Understanding your Health Insurance. Please refer to your Explanation of Benefits provided to you by your health insurance plan for more information. 

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