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Primary & Preventive Care

At AllCare, Dr. Gerace provides comprehensive primary and preventive care, as well as continuity of care. We believe that optimal medical care, especially when it comes to disease prevention, is the key to a long, happy, and healthy life. Call our office to schedule your annual physical or to establish care with a primary care provider.

Primary Care

As a primary care practice, AllCare offers a wide-range of prevent, diagnose, and manage any health conditions. Providing personalized and comprehensive primary care, Dr. Gerace will develop a customized treatment plan for your condition and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Visit this primary care practice for:

  • Disease prevention

  • Health maintenance 

  • Patient education

Your primary care provider serves as the first point of contact for all needed medical services. Dr. Gerace and the team at AllCare provide continuity of care to effectively manage your ongoing medical needs and optimize your health outcomes. 

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Do I need a primary care provider (PCP)? 

Your primary care provider is responsible for providing comprehensive, continuous health care to support your medical needs and health goals. When you establish care with a board certified Internal Medicine Physician and a devoted primary care provider, you belong to a practice that is committed to serving as the focal point of your health maintenance. The practice keeps an updated record of your health history to detect any changes in your condition or treatment and any gaps in your care, preventing serious health complications and improving patient outcomes. Dr. Gerace offers more than 30 years of practice experience in a wide variety of specialties, making her exceptionally qualified to help manage your health care needs.

What type of medical conditions can an Internist treat? 

AllCare supports your comprehensive health and coordinates care with other highly reputable medical specialists in the area, if necessary. Dr. Kathleen Gerace and her team can address conditions associated with:

  • Cardiology – Vascular 

  • Dermatology 

  • Pulmonology 

  • Endocrinology

  • Pain Management

  • Gynecology 

  • ​​Orthopedics

  • Rheumatology

  • Psychiatry

  • Ophthalmology

  • Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)

AllCare offers preventive wellness visits to help patients stay up-to-date on their health maintenance. This includes a complimentary routine hearing screening with an audiologist here in our office. 

When would I need to see an Internal Medicine specialist?

As an internal medicine practice, AllCare is the first place you should visit if you’re not feeling well. The team sees patients for sick visits, wellness exams, and urgent care. They can also help with specific concerns, including hormone imbalances, weight loss, diabetes, cardiac concerns. 

You can also schedule all your annual visits at AllCare. These regular checkups help you identify any health problems early, when they’re most treatable. Should you have a chronic condition, such as heart disease, pulmonary vascular disease, or diabetes, Dr. Gerace is also available to help with management. Proper health support for chronic conditions improves your overall well-being and minimizes the effects such conditions have on your quality of life.

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