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Preoperative Surgical Evaluation

 At AllCare, Dr. Gerace evaluates and determines your functional capacity for surgery, and offers ways to help you avoid complications if you're at a higher risk. The goal of the preoperative surgical clearance is to assess the patient's general medical condition in order to identify any unrecognized co-morbid diseases and optimize the patient's health for surgery.

Preoperative Clearance

A preoperative clearance usually starts by identifying the type of surgery to be performed and the risk category of the patient who needs this surgery. This helps the doctors to decide if the patient is suitable for the proposed surgery or procedure, and identify the factors that may reduce the patient’s risk. There are many factors that may influence the risk of perioperative complications. Learn more

Doctor wearing white coat, stethoscope, and mask

Perioperative Complications and Risk Factors

Although modern anesthesia is safe, the risk of surgical complications varies according to the type of anesthesia (general or regional). The patient's individual factors and the type of surgical procedure are more important risk predictors for post-operative complications. 

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) classification is a predictor of perioperative mortality. It also predicts cardiac and pulmonary morbidity. See the ASA classification to determine your estimated risk score.

Schedule your Surgery Clearance Today!

Insurance is accepted for medically necessary procedures. Clearance for cosmetic surgery costs $450. Contact the office to schedule a visit for a preoperative evaluation.

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